Teaching programmers about veterinary clinics

Provet Cloud invited Swedish veterinarian and consultant Jonna Gohil from Yoma Consulting AB to illustrate to the Provet Cloud programmers and customer service representatives about the everyday life at a veterinary clinic; about how the software really is used in a clinic. How does a nurse work when a customer calls and books time for a dog vaccination? How is Provet Cloud used when an urgent accident occurs, for example when a pet is hit by a car?

Jonna Gohil also explained the requirements of Swedish law. The veterinary clinic and veterinarian must meet certain requirements, as well as the software they use. For example, the patient records must be archived for years. The legislation varies by country. Provet Cloud is always built according to the needs of the customer.

The developers of Provet Cloud have traditionally been acquainted with the Swedish animal clinics such as the environment and the everyday situations where the program is used as passive observers. This time, it was decided to do something different, inviting the trainer to the office to bring a different perspective on the job.

“What I think is the most important thing to remember is quality control. Another essential lesson is to communicate the new features of the program with the client,” says web programmer Juha Iijalainen. He is one of those responsible for product development of Provet Cloud.

Iijalainen states that Jonna Gohil knows how to use the program better than he does. “Of course, I always tend to focus on thinking of things as a developer. It was good to have a user’s perspective,” he says.

Jonna Gohil thinks the most important thing to quality assure in Provet Cloud might be that in a large animal hospital, more than one person need to have the same patient information open at the same time. For example, when a veterinarian issues a prescription it should directly visible to the nurse’s machine. No need to call or visit personally on the other side of the big building.

“It requires that the users can trust the system and knowing that everyone enters all the information in the system,” Gohil says.
In her opinion, one of Provet Cloud’s best features is usability. Even from the startpage, you read about all your patient’s with one click.