Provet Cloud automatically notifies the authorities about anonymous sales

Press release. Published on 20.11.2017

Finnish Net Solutions Oy

The Swedish legislation requires that information on all sales are provided to the tax authorities. The goal is to reduce the gray economy as you cannot print more than one receipt for the same purchase.

Provet Cloud fully meets the requirements of the authorities; software’s clean cash add-on was published this autumn.

“The system automatically sends an invoice and a receipt of the VAT data to the tax authorities while printing the receipt to the customer,” says Janne Martikainen, the developer of the system.

The receipt includes identification information, from which the customer can verify that the sale has been sent to the tax authority for information.

At an animal clinic, there may be a situation when a customer, who is not in the customer register, comes to purchase animal feed. At its worst, it meant adding customer information to the system so that information on sales went to the right places. For Provet Cloud users the situation is easy: information now goes automatically also for anonymous customers.

“We want to serve our customers exactly in those things that are important to them. The fulfillment of the Swedish regulatory requirements is precisely that: tailor-made service according to customer needs,” says FNS CEO Janne Huttunen.

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