Know-how from Norway to the international support

Steffen Risnes moved from Norway to Finland four years ago.

”The main reason why I came to Finland was my girlfriend. And what else? The weather could have been better though”, he laughs.

He has previously worked for Apple in Norway and for LeadDesk in Finland as a customer success manager and service technician.

He started with FNS in August 2017, so he is still very fresh in the FNS family.  He works in the Provet Cloud -team as an International support specialist and Project coordinator for the Norwegian and Swedish market.

”It’s a little different to compare Norway to Finland. Maybe we are in Norway a little more social at work and after work. Much more laughter and energy. But professionalism can be compared”, he says.

He feels that because the company is moving in to new markets, the English dialog can be important. At the same time, FNS is a Finnish company in Finland, so it only makes perfect sense that the internal language is Finnish.

”So it’s just up me to learn Finnish fast”, he says.

Steffen tells that his hobbies are music, family and food. Not to create, but to eat. Also, he tries to play football when there is time for it.

Traveling is something he likes.

”Well not the actual trip, but the end destination. I don’t like airports very much”, he says.