”I belived the vision of the company”

Mathew Wood is our UK Sales Manager and Spain Country Manager.

He started in FNS in February as UK sales manager and was promoted in July to the Spain country manager role.

”I oversee every aspect of sales in the UK and manage the sales team and in Spain I oversee all activity from sales to implementation”, he tells.

He lives and works in the UK in a town called Blackburn.

”My working day can be a day at home on meetings with clients, development teams etc, looking for new partners in my markets and making sure my teams have everything they need to be able to flourish in their jobs.”

Before FNS he was a Veterinary Software Specialist at another company.

FNS was very attractive alternative and offered new challenges.

”I belived in the message and the vision of the company and what they are trying to do in years to come. To be a big part of that journey is very exciting”, he says.

Now he likes his work. It is good working in FNS. He feels his voice is heard and that his opinion matters. That is a great feeling!

”I would like to think I’m a genuine person and I love to make people smile and feel valued. It is important to me that my team feel they can approach me about anything.”

Mathew Wood says that his kids are his hobbies, but ”I like football and going out for a good glass of wine or 4.”