Online booking means that you are ready for the future

Veterinarian Gábor Domán from Hungary says that online booking is one of the features in a veterinary management system he would always recommend for a clinic who wants to be the best.
”I use it because the upcoming generations, who will be our consumers mainly in the future, are living in the digital technology. So it is better to be ready for the future demands than lag behind”, he says.
About 10 percent of his customers use it, but this number rising in every year.

Gábor Domán is the owner of MóraMancs-clinic in Mórahalom, which is in the southern region of Hungary near to the Serbian border. The clinic was opened in 2010 as a one-person business. Nowadays it has two vets, Gábor Domán and his wife, and one assistant, soon to be two.

” I chose Provet Cloud because the veterinary program I used before was not developed enough for me. I needed a cloud-based program, with features that can cut down my administrative work and have possibilities to raise my profit, that’s easy to use, and constantly upgrading. I mostly like the online booking, the reminders, the email and SMS communication, and so many small things which make mine and my assistants daily work much easier”, he says.

Do your best, always develop, and sell quality instead of quantity, Gábor Domán says.


Vet business is hard business

To make a vet business profitable in Hungary is quite hard. It means so much work and a lot of stress. In MóraMancs the typical patients are dogs and cats and some smaller rodents, rabbits, reptiles, and sometimes birds. They have 1300-1500 consultation in a year.

Because the business is not easy, vets need a solution that helps staff to do the important work: to take care of animals and their owners.

”I’m not sure if I have any tips to other vets, but I may suggest not to compete with low-budget practices. The biggest problems are the financials, I think, and to know that the start is always hard, especially if you open your own practice from zero”, Gábor Domán says.
And what are the easy things in vet business? ”Easy things??? I don’t know any”, he laughs.