Italian market, family and football: this is Piero

Piero Campana started at FNS on March 2018 as the International Sales Specialist for the Italian market.

”My role is to introduce Provet Cloud in Italy with the intention to be the market leader”, he says.

He has worked before for many years in Sports Management as an agent for his company based in Barcelona. He was responsible for the Scandinavian market and there his role was to develop contacts at the top level of the football business with the goal to introduce their players in the top leagues teams.

Piero moved to Finland because he had met his wife in Rome. She was part of the Erasmus exchange program in his University.

”Yes, I have worked in Finland and in all the Nordic Countries. I can say that the main difference with Italy and the southern Europe countries is the precision, at the office and also in the business with other companies or persons”, he tells.

”Another difference is that here at 16:00 or at 17:00 (it depends when you come to work) my colleagues just switch off everything and go home. In Italy we use to work until 19:30, even if we started at 8:00.”

Piero says that he doesn’t see any problem with working in English while all the office speaks Finnish, because they all speak English and he can also speak some Finnish. He can have a conversation with his colleague in Finnish as well.

He also speaks in Swedish because his two daughters talk Swedish with his wife.

”So it’s a language that I listen to every day at home. I speak Spanish with my colleague Cristina at the office. So the languages are not a problem”, Piero says.

As you can see, he is very international and an outgoing person. He likes to be in any kind of situation, even if that situation is not one he likes the most. He is quite flexible but with his own view.

Piero and football belong together.

”I like a to play a lot of football and futsal with my friends. I have created and I manage a football and a futsal team. We are all Italians with a couple of Finns and we play in the Harrasteliiga of Palloliitto. Futsal in the winter and football during the summer.”

He is also a big supporter of Lazio which is a football team of Rome playing in Serie A. Lazio is the oldest football team of Rome, started 9.1.1900.

”So when Sunday comes, my heart shakes a lot”, Piero smiles.

He does spend time with his family.

”I like to be with them. They are my best company. My wife and my two daughters.”