A successful company is renewing all the time

Provet Cloud logo

“The company is successful when you find the right people to do things”, says Janne Huttunen, CEO of Finnish Net Solutions (FNS), the company behind Provet Cloud.

He is one of the founders of FNS and has seen the company grow from an employer of one person to a workplace of dozens of people, and from local to Europe-wide.

Another success factor is, in his view, sufficient freedom ­– freedom to do things that make sense.

“And the third important factor is, of course, finding users for the products and services you produce.”

Now that the company is growing and internationalizing, the biggest challenge is finding the right people. Recruitment is part of everyday life.

Janne Huttunen feels that FNS’s strength in the international market is in fact a typical Finnish feature: to do what has been promised and deliver when promised.

“In addition, we are fast and agile. In the niche product line of veterinary software, a cloud-based product has been new. We have done it to a high standard; we brought a different option to market. ”


Interested in new things

Janne’s coworkers and subordinates find him to be a straightforward person and easy to work with. He listens to both clients and colleagues.

“I get easily interested in new things and new opportunities in general. I find it great to find new opportunities; for example, I think that Provet Weight Check Point has been an awesome thing from the beginning. It simplifies and speeds up a well-established process in animal clinics that is repeated tens of times a day. It is great to facilitate people’s work.”

It is important for a business leader to stay up to date with the company’s economy. In addition to this, Janne Huttunen emphasizes working with people. It is even more important than technology.

“Take for example this Provet Weight Check Point. It’s a great technology that has no value if people don’t want to use it. At the clinic door it does nothing unless the clinic nurse behind the cashier counter enables it.”

During his 16 years at FNS, Janne has seen a lot of growth. He is happy about that.

“The company must be able to innovate all the time. Things need to be considered in a new way, or others will do it.”