A significant part of Estonian animal clinics use Provet Cloud

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Press release. Published on 10.10.2017
Finnish Net Solutions Oy

Provet Cloud has rapidly increased its market share at Estonian animal clinics. The first Provet Cloud system was introduced in Estonia in 2015 at the Eesti Maaülikool, EMÜ, Tartu (The Veterinary Clinic of the Estonian University of Life Sciences).

After the initial deployments, Provet Cloud has rapidly become popular in Estonia. Now it is already in use in a significant portion of Estonian small animal clinics all over the country.

Provet Cloud is a large enterprise resource planning system for animal clinics, whose extensive reports offer valuable information about the operation of the clinic. It can be attached to the clinic’s own laboratory and X-ray equipment as well as external laboratories. The system can be customized according to user’s needs.

“In Estonia, a particularly popular feature has proven to be the stock management. It has actually been developed in cooperation with Estonian customers,” says Janne Huttunen, CEO of Finnish Net Solutions, developer of Provet Cloud.

Sister company established in Estonia

Finnish Net Solutions is part of the TPG concern. The concern has now grown with Estonian Net Solutions OÜ, an Estonian subsidiary. Its corporate form is limited liability company (osaühing, OÜ).

“The subsidiary in Estonia strengthens the status and customer service of Provet Cloud. The company employs one employee at the first stage. Estonian Net Solutions OÜ’s CEO is Janne Huttunen,” says TPG’s CEO Tuire Tuovinen.

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Janne Huttunen, CEO, Finnish Net Solutions, janne.huttunen@fns.fi, +358 40 5892 468

Tuire Tuovinen, CEO, Three Plus Group, tuire.tuovinen@tpg.fi, +358 40 0242 330

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